Opening ceremonies mark exciting milestone for RPC

A couple of weeks ago, RPC had the pleasure of celebrating a key milestone in our transition from investor to one of the most ambitious wind farm operators in Europe. We launched the official opening ceremonies of three onshore wind farms in Finland, which together generate 590 GWh annually, RPC is now delivering green power to the energy grid and actively contributing to decarbonisation goals.  

These three opening ceremonies were not only an opportunity to commemorate the next step in RPC’s journey, but also extend our appreciation to the local community for its support – without which our work would be impossible. The cooperation of these communities is integral to ensuring that clean energy projects are delivered with the interests of both people and nature in mind.  

Despite testing weather conditions, we had an excellent turn out and spirits were high, reflecting the level of community support and engagement we have received throughout these projects. The ceremonies were an opportunity to provide the community with important information about the projects, share food and laughter over live music from a local performer, and even blow up some inflatable balloon wind turbines. Members of the RPC team were on the ground to deliver speeches highlighting the clean energy contributions of each wind farm and key details of the construction processes, after which attendees were invited to visit one of the turbine towers to learn about how it operates.  

Events such as these underpin RPC’s strategy and identity. As a long-term investor, we are deeply committed to building and maintaining relationships with local communities. Our goal is to deliver clean power to Europe for decades to come, and with the opening of these wind farms – which together produce enough electricity for the equivalent of 118,000 households – we have taken another step towards achieving this.  

We at RPC would like to thank the local community, the mayor, the regulatory offices, and the developers we have worked with – all of whom make projects such as these possible. Although the festivities have now drawn to a close, RPC’s Asset Management and Compliance teams will remain on hand to answer any questions people may have concerning the wind farms.  

For further information on each of the respective wind farms, you can visit our Projects page and see below.  

Merkkikallio wind farm  

  • 82.5 MW capacity 
  • South Ostrobothnia region, Municipality of Mustasaari 
  • 15 turbines: GE 158 5.5MW, tip height 240m 
  • Estimated production of 280 GWh – equal to the electricity consumption of around 56,000 households 

Rustari wind farm  

  • 44 MW capacity 
  • South Ostrobothnia region, Municipality of Kurikka 
  • 8 turbines: GE 158 5.5 MW, tip height 230m 
  • Estimated production of 160 GWh – equal to the electricity consumption of around 32,000 households 

Puutikankangas wind farm   

  • 44 MW capacity  
  • North Ostrobothnia region, Municipality of Sievi 
  • 8 turbines: GE 158 5.5MW, tip height 240m 
  • Estimated production of 150 GWh – equal to the electricity consumption of around 30,000 households