Juan Daniel Calero Elvira

Engineer, Grid Connections

Prior to joining Renewable Power Capital, Juan Daniel has spent 14 years in Red Eléctrica de España (REE). His last role was Critical Facilities Maintenance Responsible where we was responsible for managing a multitasking technical team to assure the electrical supply of critical REE facilities -Control Centres and Regional Offices- and operating technical conditions in Data Centres. Previously Juan Daniel has been involved in the development and the construction of High Voltage Electrical Substations and Lines in management roles in the Department of Substations Engineering and in the Construction Department in REE.

He holds an Industrial Engineer bachelor from the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales de Madrid (Politecnic University) and a Master in High Voltage Project, Construction and Maintenance activities from the ICAI (Universidad Pontificia de Comillas).

What’s your role at RPC?

I am High Voltage and Grid Connections Engineer at RPC. The engineering team is a multi-disciplinary group of people with extensive experience and knowledge who support many areas of the business, considering the stage of each project.

What’s a typical working day for you?

I spend my day supporting projects not only in Spain but also in Europe, performing tasks such as attending coordination meetings, analysing configurations, technical and administrative documents and providing support to all RPC departments that require it.

What have you found during your time at RPC?

RPC is a European renewable energy platform, ready to compete in the challenging European renewable energy market, with the ability to develop projects in Europe, specially focused on the Nordic countries as well as in Spain. 

RPC is a young company made up of many of the best professionals in the industry, where people and teamwork come before personal interests.

What’s your proudest career moment?

When I joined RPC, they were working on projects that required the installation of Synchronous Condenser, which my colleagues had been working on for some time. I tried to help complete the process, as this type of equipment had not been installed in high-voltage installations in Spain.

This is just one example of the type of activity carried out at RPC, where collaboration between different parts of the company is necessary for success and where the help of a newcomer is as welcome as that of the rest of the team.

What do you do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I play football with my old school friends and practice Aikido. Aikido is a martial art derived from the use of traditional samurai weapons and hand-to-hand combat.

Where’s your favourite place in Europe?

Prague is my favourite European city, the capital of Bohemia and the Czech Republic, a beautiful city on the banks of the Vltava River.

The beauty of its buildings, temples, towers, and fortifications as well as the illumination of the city centre at night make it a very special place and probably less known and famous than the main European capitals.

What’s your favourite clean technology and why?

Photovoltaics is my favourite, although I believe the future lies in the hybridisation of different clean technologies, which is what I would opt for if I had to choose a specific technology.