Emily Hutley

Senior Associate

Emily Hutley is an Associate at Renewable Power Capital, with responsibility for assisting in the origination, acquisition and asset management of renewable power projects across Europe. Prior to joining RPC, Emily spent 3 years with Rothschild & Co in the M&A Energy and Power team, starting as a graduate and being promoted through Analyst to Associate. During this time she contributed across all renewable energy technologies, with a particular focus on offshore wind, onshore wind and renewables developers. Emily has advised on transactions totalling over 5GW of offshore wind across Europe and Taiwan, and almost 9GW across all technologies and development stages.

Emily holds a Masters degree in Earth Sciences from the University of Oxford (2014 – 2018), undertaking research and fieldwork across the world.

What’s your role at RPC? 

I’m a senior associate in the investment team – I am primarily involved in our live transactions, working daily with the development, legal, power markets and construction teams on a potential investment. I run the due diligence process, valuation workstreams, drafting Investment Committee materials and negotiating transaction documents. 

What’s a typical working day for you?

If I am on a live transaction, I will be working with the wider RPC teams on detailed analysis looking at returns, risks, and potential upsides to the deal. I will be reading through due diligence materials and progressing negotiations with counterparties. If I am not on a live transaction, I may be supporting the relevant teams for an investment I have previously worked on, or looking at new opportunities or a potential new market. 

What have you found during your time at RPC?

Many countries are behind on their renewable energy targets, and private investment through renewable focussed platforms like RPC is incredibly important to fight climate change. The European renewables market is incredibly broad and full of opportunities – even through the Ukraine crisis and subsequent inflationary environment, renewables investment has not abated, meaning lots of work for everyone at RPC!

What’s your proudest career moment?

Presenting to IC for a deal I had worked on for over 15 months – it was great to be given the responsibility and was a big opportunity for me to step outside my comfort zone.

What do you do in your spare time?

I go bouldering every week with friends, and I love travelling to new places on the weekends! 

Where’s your favourite place in Europe?

Stockholm – its where my partner grew up, and his family have a beautiful summer house in the archipelago. 

What’s your favourite clean technology and why?

It’s hard to choose – all technologies have their pros and cons. RPC is an onshore investment platform, but I do have a soft spot for offshore wind… I have previously worked on some of the largest offshore wind farms in the world on the east coast of the UK, and they’re very impressive close up!