Diego Azqueta Smith

Senior Project Manager, Development

Prior to joining Renewable Power Capital as Senior Project Manager for Development, Diego Azqueta was responsible for the business expansion into new markets for Solarpack since June 2019. Diego was involved in the development of PV projects winning competitive tenders and securing partnerships in LATAM, Europe and middle East.

With more than 12 years dedicated to the renewable energy sector, he began his career O&M companies in the wind space. In 2015, he made the leap into the solar industry, joining a development firm in the Philippines. Since then, Diego has been developing his professional career from a business development approach and with marked international exposure to different markets in the PV sector.

Diego has a degree in business administration and management and has an MBA in the same specialty, from the IE Business School.

What’s your role at RPC?

Senior Business Manager, currently managing the Polish, and Italian markets. 

What’s a typical working day for you?

It really depends on the workload priorities, but if there are no urgent specific tasks, I like to start the day by immersing myself in the latest industry news and updates to gather insights about ongoing or new deals, and learn what industry players up to. I look at markets that are not only within my scope, but also those RPC is established or has potential interest in. I also like staying up to speed on the regulatory/policy changes, to deepen my understanding and foresee opportunities or possible roadblocks.

My next actions are often in relation to the current projects/partnerships I’m working on, making sure everything is in order and getting the latest updates to set specific actions.

The key is to keep building bridges and forging partnerships. So I also stay active seeking new leads and setting up meetings to discuss potential angles for new cooperations

I also like to catch up with work colleagues and get a view on what they are currently into, so there is always time for a good chit chat and a coffee. 

What have you found during your time at RPC?

I’m impressed with the speed RPC has reached putting together a team of industry peers with an outstanding track record and top-quality performance.

This is possible because of the vision the company has had since its creation. We’re motivated to be part of a future top player in the renewable space.

What’s your proudest career moment?

I would say there are two moments which have led me to where I am in the renewables space. First when I decided to step out (as fast as lightning) of the audit world to jump into a wind O&M company, where I had the opportunity to lead international business projects and negotiations reaching as far as China or Azerbaijan.

The second  moment, when living in the Philippines I stepped away from managing the commercial aspects of a joint venture at an RE engineering company in order to start new ventures in the pv project development space.

What do you do in your spare time?

Family, friends, and sports. A good balance of these three elements is key for my personal well-being. I cannot imagine letting any of these go!

In terms of sports, I enjoy scuba diving, skiing (also crosscountry), and riding my bike. Golf with friends is always fun too!

Where’s your favourite place in Europe?

I’m not inclined to any specific town, but I have good memories on Prague and Vienna.

What’s your favourite clean technology and why?

Solar PV due to the ease and speed at which it can be deployed to speed up the energy transition.