Press Releases

Elisa confirms ten-year wind power agreement

  • Elisa has signed a ten-year power purchase agreement to buy the majority of the output from the 44MW Puutikankangas wind farm being constructed by Renewable Power Capital (RPC).
  • The deal is set to cover half of the electricity needed for Elisa´s entire mobile network in Finland.
  • The 8-turbine wind farm will be operational in early 2023 and will begin delivering electricity to Elisa later that year.

Committing to using wind power is another concrete step on the road to realising Elisa’s mission of a sustainable future through digitalisation. The company became carbon neutral in 2020 and financing is linked to sustainability targets.

Digitalisation enables the development of sustainable solutions for mitigating climate change. At the same time, however, the increasing use of data will lead to increased demand for electricity in the future. Therefore, it is important to increase the production of energy from renewable sources. 

The Puutikankangas wind farm is owned by RPC, which has made significant investments in renewable energy in Finland and across Europe, constructing wind farms and solar power plants. 

“We have already confirmed that all of the electricity that we use is produced using renewable methods. Wind power is a clean and renewable form of energy production, and it covers a core part of our growing energy needs. This procurement agreement with Puutikankangas Wind strengthens our commitment to creating a sustainable future and mitigating climate change. We want to demonstrate that we are a responsible actor for society and promote the use of wind power at the national level”, says Minna Kröger, Vice President of Corporate Responsibility at Elisa.